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A Letter Home

As I return to Kenya and to Life4kids, my heart swells with joy as I see the children’s faces light up as they run towards me, welcoming me, standing in line waiting for their individual hugs. They greet me with so much love, anticipation and longing; telling me how much they have missed me. (When I am away from them for longer periods of time, they often doubt if I will ever return... The sting of loss and abandonment is edged into their hearts due to the immense suffering they have experienced in their short but bleak lives. These children have experienced more pain than any child should ever endure! As I return, I see how their fears are put to rest and peace is found in their faces once again).

I bring them gifts and sweets donated by friends in Canada, of which the children’s favorite are giant “Jaw-Breakers”. Reunited we spend time sharing meals and stories and ample amounts of hugs and laughter. I am so happy to be back and grateful to find them all well. All the boys are off school in August and the home is currently filled to the brim with 25 amazing boys ranging from the age of 4 to 19.

During my time here we have visitors from Norway; The Hansen family has returned once again. The family, consisting of Lena and Richard with their daughters Hannah, Sarah and Linea and the twins Jonatan and Benjamin, have all been a big part of the Life4kids family for many years. The children at Life4kids welcome them as their aunt, uncle and cousins and it is a reunion with much joy, many gifts, chocolate and clothes donated by dear friends and supporters in Norway. The family has prepared many activities and games for the children and treat us all to an outing at a “Fun Park” and pool the last day before leaving. The outing was a fabulous experience and a real treat for both young and old; carousel rides, swimming and treats, time with family enveloped in love, making it a day to remember.

I take the family into the slums to let them experience where the boys from Life4kids originally came from. The reality of the poor and most vulnerable children, abandoned to a fate no one deserves, is a stark wake up call for us as we wander through the gutters and alley ways of the nearby slum. We see children with nothing and no one to help them, begging for food and money. The state of despair and need is found everywhere we turn and silently we all wish we could help many more children.

Life4kids is impacting lives and I am so thankful for all the contributions and support from both Norway and Canada and from all over the world. Bless you for caring for those less fortunate. Every dollar makes a tremendous difference. Thank you for enabling Life4kids to help many more children. Please visit our website to learn more and to become apart of rescuing lives.

Amelie Sorensen,

Founder of Life4kids


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