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Covid-19 Update

The Life4kids home in Nairobi Kenya is locked down for COVID-19. All the boys are confined to a 4-bedroom house and yard. Many of us currently live with an enormous amount of uncertainty and fear during this time. Our entire world has suddenly become broken and none of us have any idea what will happen tomorrow.... Many are stuck in a position of status quo, - left only to imagine the worst case scenario. The children of Life4kids are no different; the carpet could be ripped out from under their feet at any given moment. The fear of losing their home and family is imminent - the horror of returning to the streets is a very likely and traumatizing possibility for each and every one of them. There the threat is not only covid but also Tuberculosis, malaria and hunger. The innocence that most children have, these don’t, because they have experienced so much accumulated trauma already in their short lives which has forced them to grow up real fast; they know what might await them - but still, against all odds, they believe in miracles. They were given a second chance in life and somehow they have the ability to imagine a third. But the truth is, the reality of their lives are at the mercy of others; in the goodwill of donors and generous well wishers hands, - on the other side of the planet, mind you - but that still doesn’t make them give up hope, because it’s the only hope they have. Instead they somehow continue to believe, to hope, to study hard and determine doom won’t happen. Instead they continue to find joy in the small stuff. To live with gratitude and to have fun in the midst of a world falling apart. Here are some short videos of how they spend their time in lockdown, trying to make the best of it and keep their spirits high, just like you and I. And they told me to give you their love.


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