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Fire Update - Please Help!!

We have not yet managed to find a new house for Life4Kids. There are many houses available, but the problem is that many landlords are not willing to rent out to a children's home.

We are still looking, and today we will also check out some options. Now we are also looking for a house a little further away from where we have been staying and where the children are going to school.

The needs are many:

  1. First, we need a new house. We need money for the house rent: $700-$1,100, it depends on the size of the house. We are looking for a 4 to 6-bedroom house. When we get a house, we will have to pay a 2 to 3-month deposit together with the rent for the first month.

  2. The kids lost all their clothes and school materials. We need to buy new school uniforms, including new shoes at a cost of around $1,100.

  3. We need new beds and mattresses, around $4,500.

  4. We lost food for the entire month. Jane had just bought this and stored it upstairs. $780.

  5. We need writing books in different sizes.

  6. The small children had just got new track suits. We lost all of these. New ones will cost $250.

  7. There is also much work connected to getting new documents and insurance cards for the children.

Fortunately, inside the house, both the dinner tables are saved, the sofa is okay, but needs some repairs. The TV was saved. In the kitchen most things are okay.

The boys are placed in another children's home. They are traumatised of course, but they are doing quite well. They are not going to school, because the place they are staying is far away, and transporting them would be quite complicated. Peter, our counsellor, has spent much time talking with the children. He is there with the children almost every day. And our staff is spending all their time with them!

The staff are doing well. I (Inger) am so impressed by their dedication, hard work and unity in this very challenging situation. They are affected very much by what has happened but have raised up and worked hard to solve all the challenges. We have also received such good assistance from Mike, the former street boy, who is now a police officer and also a fire fighter. The excellence of this staff is unique. The quality of the caring for these children in Life4Kids is unique in Kenya. The children know that they are loved, cared for, and the staff have close interaction with all of them. This is so special in this country!

Compiled from notes provided by Jane (Team Leader – Kenya) and Inger (Board Member – Life4Kids Norway).

Dollar amounts have been converted from Kenyan Shilling at the rate of 76.9 KES = $1 CDN


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