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Giving a Future and a Hope

Wishing you an abundance of Joy and Love this Christmas season with many greetings from all the children at “Life4Kids.” We are so grateful for the support and love that you have shown us this past year and as we draw close to this year ending, we think of you all with thanksgiving in our hearts.

“Life4Kids” will not be closed for the holidays instead, we will all celebrate Christmas in a more rural setting this year – We have rented a minibus and are all travelling to a small town outside Nairobi to visit with our team-leader’s family in his rural home. The family has graciously invited the children and I to spend the few days during Christmas with them. A few of the children in “Life4Kids” actually have a remote relative like an uncle, an aunt or a grandmother, and they have already left to spend the holiday with them. And the majority of the staff are also leaving to spend time with their own families. But most of the children have nowhere to go and no relatives to visit, so as a “children’s home” we cannot close completely….

These past few weeks of December have been wonderfully hectic – we have had many visitors and well – wishers come to the home giving of their time and bringing food and gifts for the children. And a local school donated 10 bunk beds for our home which was a real blessing! I have been shopping at the local markets to purchase Christmas gifts for all 17 kids (!) – and have finally managed to get everything done: Two more sleeps and we travel to celebrate Christmas in Juja!

We will not have a sparkling Christmas tree and there will be no snow to spark our spirits – but the most precious gift of all belongs to us, as we rejoice together as a family! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas with much love from Amelie and all the children at “Life4Kids


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