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No child left homeless and abandoned

Our Vision

No child left homeless and abandoned.

Our Mission

To provide a loving home for homeless and abandoned boys in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Why We Do It

Kenya is a country where poverty, deprivation, disease and neglect result in too many children being abandoned to the streets, vulnerable and alone. Nairobi is a city of 4 million. According to the Global Urban Development nearly half of the people in Nairobi live in slums, in grueling poverty. The majority live below the poverty line of CDN $1.50 per day. Because of poverty, children are often taken out of school to help provide food for the family or are abandoned.


How We Do It

  • We accept boys who are living on the streets, destitute, abandoned and alone in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • We can accommodate up to 25 boys living in the home at any given time.

  • The home is a family unit, not an institution. Love, acceptance and belonging are key components.

  • We focus on quality care, healing from trauma, emotional nurturing, quality education, adequate health care and quality housing, all provided with love.

  • Our boys are given dignity, respect, love, acceptance, encouragement, security and opportunity.

  • Our staff members themselves live in the family environment in our home.

  • All the children become “siblings”, and all partake in household chores and responsibilities.


Eleven years ago, our founder chose to provide a home for boys. Boys are more often abandoned. Boys are considered to have little value. Girls have value in Kenya: for their domestic skills, for their ability to earn income for the family and for the dowries they attract on marriage. 

What Life4Kids Does

  • We rescue and nurture abandoned children in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • We provide for their emotional, physical, and educational needs.

  • We provide a loving and nurturing home conducive to personal growth.

  • We empower the children to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

What You Can Do

Costs are mounting:

  • The annual cost of educating our boys and maintaining a home for 25 boys is CDN $130,000.

  • More of the boys are now in secondary school. Some of the older boys are in trade school, college, or university. The tuition fees, school-related expenses, and clothing costs for older boys are much greater.

  • Kenya has experienced both drought and flooding. As a result, food costs have skyrocketed.

  • We need continuous financial support to sustain this important project. Please donate today. Or, better still, please set up a recurring monthly donation so we can meet the monthly needs of the boys.

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