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Life4Kids Canada relies on support from donors and sponsors in the community to fund the operation of the home in Nairobi Kenya for abandoned and homeless little boys.


In addition to making a cash donation or agreeing to sponsor a boy, there are many opportunities for you to plan a gift that will provide a benefit to you, your family, and Life4Kids Canada. We would like to invite you to consider how you might further support Life4Kids Canada without affecting your current income. In addition to support by donations or sponsorships, you might also consider these other options:


Bequests and Estates

A bequest is a gift from your estate. It involves a transfer of cash, securities or other property made through your estate plan. Your estate will receive a tax receipt for the amount of the bequest or for the fair market value of donated securities or properties.


Life Insurance

Naming Life4Kids Canada as a beneficiary in your Life Insurance can benefit both your estate and Life4Kids Canada.


Donation of RRSPs and RRIFs

Gifting Registered Plans (RRSPs and RRIFs) to Life4Kids Canada means that the proceeds are paid directly and will then bypass your estate and avoid estate administration taxes.


Charitable Annuity or a Charitable Trust

Establishing a Charitable Annuity or a Charitable Trust benefits Life4Kids Canada and pays income at the same time.



Setting up an endowment will allow Life4Kids Canada to plan for future financial needs.


Benefits of planned giving include:

  • You can tailor your gift to your current and anticipated future circumstances.

  • You or your estate may be able to receive Charitable donation tax advantages.

  • Your donation can be made from your assets and not from your current income.

  • You can plan your gift today for distribution at some time in the future.


If the decision to give is right for you and your family, ask your financial, accounting, and legal advisors for their advice and assistance.


Feel free to contact our Chair/President Fred Hacker [ or 705.528.8787] if you would like to discuss planned giving.

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