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Greetings from Africa

What is Life4Kids? Most of you are already aware that Life4Kids is a home that helps and rehabilitates street children, orphans and vulnerable children.

But what sets us apart from other organizations is that we don’t keep these children in a state of where they were… or how they used to be viewed…: It used to be “their reality” to be alone, abandoned and living on the streets – but that is not the case any longer! Even though they used to be “street kids,” that is not who they are now! Even though we found most of them as orphaned and abandoned, – that is not how they remain…! And we will not continue to focus on the fact that these children are “poor, orphaned, street children” who are all alone in this world…! Instead we focus on each of these children being placed in a new family setting – being given a new beginning, a second chance, a new identity, and a place of belonging – It is a different outlook entirely, a position of empowerment, of love and of opportunity.

When you partner with Life4Kids, you sponsor a family, not just one child. By helping with a contribution, you become a part of us as a family and by partnering you help us to remain a family.

The new Life4Kids home is now set as a small house in an average African suburban area. Our kids go to the local area school, they play football in the neighboring field and they interact with the other children in the local area – and everything is as if we are a normal family…. The focus of Life4Kids is “quality of life” for these children, rather than figures and numbers: Although we are an organization, we have determined not to be an institution! It is about providing a home for these children! A place of belonging and acceptance, not just a roof and four walls. We have a policy of not accepting more than 25 kids in each home because it is important to us that we don’t become a large superficial institution – but that we operate with an intimate home-style living arrangement; offering the children “a close-knit family-like home” within the local community. The home is represented by a “Mother” and “Father” figure living with the children 24/7 in the house. The major difference between us and most other institutions is that our focus is on being a family! We spend time together every evening eating dinner at our large dinning table in the living room; we take time to help the kids with their homework as well as taking time to do sports, dance or arts and crafts, – and we take time to just be…! We go on family-outings together, swim at the local pool and go to church in the local community every Sunday… We are a normal family!

If you, your home group, or your business are interested in partnering with Life4Kids, we would love to recognize you here on our website with your logo and a link to your website. If you’d like to make a donation of $1,000 or more, please contact us for more information.

It is now possible to partner with Life4Kids by using any credit card, through the secure transaction of PayPal, directly on the website (click on the “How to Get Involved link at the top of any page). If you wish to send a financial contribution by check, please send it to P.O. Box 302, Midland, Ontario, L4R 4L1, Canada.

If you wish to send letters to Amelie, the staff or the children personally please write to: P.O. Box 1615 00621 Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya (please do not send any money to this address).

Thank you for being a part of changing the lives of destitute children.


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