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Merry Christmas

Most of us, adults and children alike, love Christmas… it is a special time of year where we are reminded of giving to one another and loving one another! And sometimes in this very costly and busy season we are reminded to also take time to enjoy the non-material part of giving, some of the most beautiful and satisfying things in life; seeing loved ones experiencing happiness, seeing children’s smiling faces, their eyes light up with joy in expectant wonder of awe and amazement, the thrills of enjoying sparkling Christmas lights, freshly baked cookies, carols and Christmas tunes and most importantly the Good News of the Birth of Christ which all bring us emotions of thankfulness, nostalgia and joy. We spend Christmas with family because that’s what makes Christmas special! – It is a wonderful season where we especially get to express love to one another and also celebrate the lives of our loved ones.

Most of the children in Life4kids have no one – no family member that wants them, no one to celebrate with…. They have experienced being alone, without anyone to care for them; they have experienced abandonment, rejection and trauma, beyond what a child should ever endure… All they had before they came to Life4kids, were the streets…! They have experienced the feeling of what it feels like to not be important to anyone, – not being cared for, not being valued…They have never had anyone spend money on them, never had anyone wrap a gift for them, never had anyone throw them a party or a celebration – but now they do!

Because of YOUR help these children not only have a home, education, healthcare and love – they also get to celebrate Christmas in a special way! They get to anticipate the gifts that are especially wrapped for them, they get to enjoy a feast dinner with all the best foods, they get to feel the love that all of us deserve and that none of us can live without! These kids now get to feel special – because of YOU! Thank you for being a part of Life4kids – thank you for the gift of love, – your love means everything to these kids!

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Love to you from everyone at Life4kids

If you wish to give a gift please visit our website: to pay with Visa or Mastecard or send a check to Po box 302, Midland, Ontario, L4R 4L1, Canada


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