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Our Visit to The Land of the Midnight Sun

For the two boys from Life4kids, the trip to Norway was almost like stepping into a fairy-tale and getting a glimpse of a fantasy world: A world more magnificent than a child’s imagination can create… To them, the experience was so mind blowing and extraordinary, it might as well have been a trip to the moon!

The obstacles meeting us prior to departing, ranged from months of difficulties in obtaining the correct documents, the Kenyan authorities refusing to give the children their pass ports and, to us actually being accused of ”child trafficking”! To top it all off, the Norwegian Embassy was experiencing a faulty visa system which resulted in us not getting the visas on time… It truly was a miracle that the children actually made it to Norway in time for “Kidscamp”!

Through the eyes of a child it was ten days in heaven! Exhilarating experiences ranging from first time taxi-rides to flying half way across the world in a plane….. The kids were profusely wide-eyed and in awe! In awe of the unlimited wealth, the clean and orderly roads with the absence of potholes, the long days with the midnight sun, the fabulous Norwegian treats like “Lompe”, “Polse and “Myse ost” and introductions to things like Bowling alleys, sailing on a Schooner and swimming in an outdoor heated pool.

The time spent with our generous hosts and friends (now our extended family) all went by too fast! But our hearts were so full! The “Kidscamp” was action-packed with activities like Zip-lining, Trampolining and Wall climbing, meeting and making new friends and enjoying the fantastic “Basecamp” show every day. The boys had a great debut speaking on stage in front of 500+ kids, singing and preforming for the entire camp, Kenyan Style! All these amazing memories will stay with us forever and we are eternally grateful!

I, myself was encouraged by feeling so welcomed and embraced by everyone in Norway. The support and love we were met with during our entire trip, helps me to return to Kenya with enthusiasm and renewed faith that ”Life4kids” will be able to help MANY more lives in the future. Thank you for being a part of changing children’s lives with me – thank you for being a part of the “Life4kids” family.

Amelie / Founder of Life4kids


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