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There is Nothing Like It

I wish I could be able to share all these images with you – all these wonderful experiences I get from the 17 children that Life4Kids is helping… How amazing it is to get to know the intricate depths of each individual, their own uniqueness, their sense of humor and their personalities. I wish I could share with you the joy I see in their eyes when they laugh, and I wish you could see the home we have…; I would want that you could get to know each and every one of them – because they are truly exceptional in their own way… I wish you could experience first-hand what you are adding to financially – and that you could hear their individual stories and testimonies. I invite you to come and experience it for yourself – That you would be able to experience the uniqueness of each and every one of these children; see their talents and experience the depths of their colorful personalities.

The Life4Kids home is a place of life and laughter and diversity and noise; an explosion of the life they each contain within them… It is a melting pot of differences… The energy, the dynamics, the vulnerability, the intensity, the unspoilt laughter, the joy and the love… Sometimes when a day draws to a close, I feel so full! There is nothing like the feeling of overwhelming joy that the presence of a child can bring out, from deep within you… Sometimes their mere innocence allows you to experience life with new eyes, suddenly you see life from another angle, at another level; somewhat much more intensely but also more intimately – Children have an ability to see things in a way that also allows us to go beyond our own barriers… and their outlook furthermore brings us to a level of tasting life anew – in a way we had forgotten it tasted – and it outshines anything else! The experience of peeping into their souls, glancing at their intricate uniqueness and just spending time with them, gives such unexpected joy! And as they invite me to venture on this rocky journey of discovery and healing with them – I sojourn into a world long hidden – one full of pain, either from the loss of parents or various violations such as abuse or rape. Every step I take with them, I learn something… about them, about me, about God and about life. With every step I am taught anew – and I gain a greater picture. Every day they show me more of themselves… and they teach me: no matter what has happened in your life – no matter how severe your heart ache – with Gods help the human spirit has the ability to bounce back even when it gets knocked down continuously! Sometimes, hearing their story is bitterly hard, – just hearing about their trauma grieves me deeply. But imagine the impact of actually having lived them…! As they allow me to share in their lives and in their pain we venture on the journey of healing together. It is raw and difficult – but what overshadows it all, is that they always also allow me to share in their joy; these kids show me their ability to laugh despite it all… in the midst of it all… – And there is nothing like sharing that!


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